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The duo will use sketch pieces, original songs, reality clips, and on-the-street interviews with random strangers to connect their two topics.Benny and Rafi will serve as executive producers alongside Max Benator.

Six Degrees was followed by more successful social networking sites based on the "social-circles network model" such as Friendster, My Space, Linked In, XING, and Facebook.

People who confirmed a relationship with an existing user but did not go on to register with the site continued to receive occasional email updates and solicitations.

It finally made its debut on ITV on May 28, 2008 where all thirteen episodes were aired.

In June 2007, ABC's programming calendar available to the media indicated the final episodes of the series would be broadcast beginning Friday, August 10, 2007; however, ABC decided instead to air repeats of another show.

While the two are at the bar, they see Whitney's fiancé making out with another woman.

At the end of the episode, Carlos and Mae end up sitting across from each other in a subway car.

As the show progresses, however, we begin to see how the characters interact. Steven photographs her as he attempts to revive his career.

Carlos requests help from Damian to get in a club so he can ask Mae on a date.

After Carlos learns that Mae isn't at the club, he goes out to find Damian being beat up by two loan shark henchmen.

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