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I looked at their website and Linked In presence before applying, and I thought everything looked great: their company culture seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, and they had an awesome roster of clients.

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Not only does this create an unflattering double chin, but it also looked like he was spending the majority of the conversation with his eyes locked on my chest.

My chest wasn’t even in frame, so the interviewer wasn’t actually doing anything inappropriate, but I still felt somewhat uncomfortable.

My concern is her finding out that I reported the blog and thus creating a worse and more hostile work environment for me.

The only reason I’m bothering to concern myself with the photos is because I feel like the photos would portray the company in extremely bad light should they somehow come up with a Google search of the company name.

It isn’t any of my business if she wants to share this with the entire internet.

However, these pictures are right next to other pictures of her in her work uniform and some of these photos clearly have the company name on them.

I have also seen it appear that someone has their eyes closed or is avoiding eye contact.

Nearly every webcam has software to take a picture with the webcam, which is a great way to check that everything you’ve noted in previous lists is good and Skype has a number to call to test sound.

Is there anything I can do to loop myself into these meetings?

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