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Calling soon-to-be graduates: we have an #internship opportunity with the #policy department you might be interested in. you know that the number of pirate attacks at sea is at its lowest in decades?Get the figures in our newly launched annual report on maritime #piracy: total of 180 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported to the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) International Maritime Bureau (IMB) in 2017, according to the latest IMB report. Did you know that women entrepreneurs face a #tradefinance gap of 0-320 billion per year in emerging markets?

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Several apps have tried to disrupt this indeterminate feedback loop, with varying success.

Bumble, the project of Tinder exile Whitney Wolfe, only allows women to make the first approach — effectively killing the dude mass-swipe spiral.

But in an environment where women get tons of cursory messages from tons of ill-suited guys, he reasons, the one who stands out should be the one who wins.

Part of that is developing a quality profile with a range of pictures and a fleshed-out biography.

“Ideally, this would be personalized.” That doesn’t lend itself to Tinder spam.

Stadil, for one, has learned his lesson — although he doesn’t consider his experiment a total failure.

Unlike him, however, the engineer wasn’t looking for anything serious.

That’s the sort of miscommunication Stadil hopes to avoid with his next attempt, in which — rather than date strangers at scale — he’s going to look for personal recommendation from friends and friends of friends.

Of the 150 first dates, 52 became seconds; 17 became thirds.

Stadil did fall pretty hard for one woman in particular: a fellow software engineer who worked at Google.

Stadil’s experience — more than an excellent plotline for a rom-com, Hollywood please call him — runs counter pretty much everything we think we know about how online dating works for straight men. And yet, stories such as Stadil’s would seem to suggest that the odds straight men face in the Tinder “numbers game” are even longer than anyone thought.

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