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I will keep you all posted on the availability of the above mentioned Cider THE BAD NEWS: I couldn’t get all the Gold Rush picked and into the storage ahead of the recent cold weather that dipped into the high teens. I’m going to be short of Gold Rush to sell in the Market going into December.

MUTSU: a huge green/yellow variety originating in Japan.

Growers in New York pushed for a name change years ago to “Americanize” the name so at times you might see it labeled as Crispin.

I start pressing Cider,which feels like, “WAY BACK” in mid September.

Only two months but it feels like a lifetime looking back over the hectic rapid fire pace of the season.

The bridge replacement on Southview Road has yet to start.

It looks like the repaving of Millers Run Road (Rt 50) is progressing after Columbia Gas replaced its residential lines.The Gold Rush and Wine Sap, JR’s personal favorite is being made Wednesday.Give yourself a special treat for Thanksgiving and make a trip out to the farm for some of the best of “The Best Darn Cider” The market hours changed on November 1.After the annual tasting this past spring of my hard cider trails every one wanted to take home the winesap hard cider.Hard Cider, Baking, Sauce and good tart Apple for eating.I found if I allowed the Granny Smith to ripen on the tree, initially it was discovering the hidden gem that escaped the pickers in early November and having a snack while mowing and tidying the Orchard before winter.

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