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Begeben Sie sich auf Entdeckungstour durch die Metropole Ruhr. Tolle Trails, unerwartete Höhenmeter, rasante Abfahrten und eine außergewöhnliche Biker-Szene machen das Ruhrgebiet zu einem oft unterschätzten Bikerevier.

Zu den aktuellen Noch weiter zurück, in die erdgeschichtliche Frühzeit der Region, führt der ca. Auf der Grenze zwischen dem deutschen Mittelgebirge und dem norddeutschen Flachland bietet die 185 Kilometer lange Geo Route Ruhr ihren Besuchern Geologie zum Anschauen.

Die ausgebauten, ehemaligen Bahntrassen führen Radler direkt an diese Industriedenkmäler heran.

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Since then, S&S researched Flathead Power, a company that serviced classic/vintage engine lines and components dating back to 1936.

It was a perfect compliment for the S&S product line and brand and would ultimately fill a major void in the market, the hunger for engine parts and complete assemblies for vintage Knuckles, Pans, and Shovels.

Suddenly many old school aficionados held their breath in anticipation of access to a long awaited, refined product line.

A longstanding customer-vendor relationship between S&S and Flathead Power helped facilitate the deal for S&S.

Fitment 1936-’47 stock chassis – will fit in 1948-’99 chassis with front motor mount spacer (included) 1970-’99 Alternator/generator and alternator custom versions, custom bikes with 1970-’99 alternator style primary Natural crankcases and black powdercoated cylinders and heads Features S&S Super E carb S&S valve train – solid lifters S&S Super Stock single fire ignition system and polished billet timer 1936-‘47 models have correct length sprocket shaft for stock primary and transmission.

Alternator and alternator/generator models have correct sprocket length sprocket shaft for 1970-up primary and transmission.

"This engine is a great combination of classic and cool," said Scott Sjoval, VP S&S Product Development.

"It fills a nitch in the custom world and the best part is that it was created because our customers asked for it." Engine Descriptions Flathead Power Kn-series Engines for 1936-1999 Chassis Flathead Power KN-Series engines are very close in appearance to a stock knucklehead engine, but offer a number of modern features for more power, better engine life, and improved reliability.

Senior Manager of Race and Customer Services, Charlie Hadayia, and Business Development Analyst, Tom Smith, brought the opportunity to the attention of then S&S president, Brett Smith, where it was quickly determined to research the opportunity and make an offer.

The deal closed, July 25th, with Hadayia “on the ground” in Louisiana to package and load all the assets for shipment to the S&S facility in Viola, WI.

Häufig eröffnen sich den Radfahrern dabei ganz ungeahnte und spannende Blicke in die Hinterhöfe und Gärten der Metropole Ruhr, die man so von der Straße aus nicht erwartet hätte.

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