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He has accepted terms to e-mail all of you personally and quite possibly arrange free tickets to an upcoming show.Thanks for your devout dedication and support it hasn't gone unnoticed.

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I LOVE YOU BOW and i'll always will it doesn't matter who ure dating.i dont have a problem with bow wow and ciara dating because he can date whoever he wants.

you wouldnt want anyone to tell you who to date so dont try to tell someone else to.

they have been knowing each other for like 4 years. bow wow can date whom ever he wants to date i am still his biggest fan.

even though he got a girlfriend he still takes time to let his friends know that he really does care about us. im tryna make my mama take me to the one in orlando flordia. Bowwow and I met in a airport he was Nassau and I was going to my secret place in the world.

There’s no doubt that Bow Wow’s daughter is an adorable child and we hope she grows up away from all the The star does not have a wife, so we decided to pull out a list of his girlfriends.

Oh its a long one, the star has been rumored to date a handful of people and has also actually dated a handful of women in his day. Any wayz they have been talkin for a long time so they should be very comfortable around each other.Although I am mad that bow wow chose ciara over me, i wish them the very best of luck!!!!He commanded I, his official band manager, look it up for him.I stumbled upon all of your anxy, hippy hoppy comments and well, GREAT NEWS.We cannot even think of him as Lil Bow Wow anymore.

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