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While at WWE, she played the character of Sable and became the manager of Marc Melo until his injury in 1997. Lesnar who was then referred to as Sable started gaining fame. This marked the beginning of a feud that ultimately made the two lovers drift apart.

By the time, Melo returned from the injury his ex-wife was already famous. However, sable went ahead to become one of the most famous divas in WWE.

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They were backing up the Brinks truck to our house, so you really look at what is really important, it's entertainment, it's being an actor, and I’m being paid very well for it, and now, she is getting paid very well for it.

So, all in all, you look back…I have no regrets…it all worked for us, like I said, there was nothing I would change." Leaving the WWF, the Sable lawsuit, and their relationship: "Unfortunately, the ending of the WWF didn’t go well.

After ten years of marriage, she called it quits in what Mero says started when she ignored his calls.

Brock Lesnar’s wife met Lesnar who was 26 years old by then in 2004.

Rena Marlette Lesnar was born on the 8th of August 1967, in the state of Florida. They got married in the year of 1986, and together they got a daughter named Mariah.

As a young girl, Rena was very much into sporting activities. At the age of just 12 years, she managed to take part in a beauty contest and won. Brock was introduced to the world of fashion and modeling through deals from various companies that wanted to hire her. However, the marriage did not last as Wayne breathed his last in a tragic road accident in the year 1991.

WGD Weekly with Marc Mero Hosts: Steve & The Scum Interview available at His thoughts on his ex-wife Sable becoming a star when he was injured and working on screen with her: "I had blown out my knee and needed total reconstruction on my knee, I was out for eight months and in that time off was when my ex-wife became very popular, you know going out there and selling merchandise and becoming a diva and so on.

Then they came up with the storyline of me being jealous of her and I’m thinking ‘wow, what a great idea.’ I know a lot of wrestlers were saying, ‘That buried you, when a girl beats you up or something your never considered anything again,’ but, you know what, all that didn’t matter.

Lesnar developed an interest in wrestling when she met wrestler Marc Melo back in 1994.

Marc Melo trained her, and in March 1996, she made her debut with the World Wrestling Federation.

This engagement ended when Brock Lesnar met Rena Marlette.

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