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She dives into the world of hackers and stalkers in an attempt to pull the incriminating clip before it ruins her chances of getting into college.

This achingly beautiful novel is designed to make you feel all the feels.

BUY IT HEREGem grew up taking care of her sister Dixie — they can't rely on their mom and their dad is rarely around.

But her friends don't trust Jamie's crowd, and her dad's affair is becoming too obvious to ignore.

What comes next is more complicated than she ever expected. You set him up with an edgy singer like Lorde, but while you're texting him about his career, he texts back something that sounds kind of flirty...

BUY IT HERELouna's summer job is helping brides plan perfect weddings, even though she stopped believing in love long ago.

But when girl-magnet Ambrose comes into her life, she has to rethink everything.

BUY IT HERESixteen-year-old Starr Carter is used to moving between two worlds — her poor neighborhood and her fancy prep school.

But everything changes when her childhood best friend Khalil is shot and killed by a police officer. This Black Lives Matter-inspired novel will become a movie; Amandla Stenberg will play Starr., Cyra and Akos's special powers feel more like curses. Mary was convicted for killing a baby — but did she really do it?

If you love pop culture, you'll get sucked into the love triangle between PR girl Rose Reed, British singer Archie Fox, and indie star Raya faster than you can sing a One Direction song.

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