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They were dating in LA.’ She however revealed the pair won’t get intimate while on camera, adding: ‘Oh, Calum would never do that. It’s wrong to suggest they spoke about making up a romance for the show.’ If true, it would certainly explain why Jamie O’Hara seemingly didn’t get much of a look-in during his flirting attempts on Jasmine, after it initially seemed a love triangle was brewing.

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Calum best dating show

Calum and Jasmine might be getting particularly cosy in the Celebrity Big Brother house, recently sharing a bed together, but apparently this isn’t the first time the pair have been romantically entangled.

Following the eviction of Calum’s mum Angie from the house, the 64-year-old has said the pair dated while in Los Angeles.

However, during the star’s recent reality TV appearances, there is one detail about the hunk that people have been left confused over – his age. Omg no way, my cut off age for men has officially gone ip if they’re all as fit as him I’d make an exception.” One fan simply commented on Twitter: “Calum Best just gets better with age.” Calum has been lusted over by the public since his reality TV debut in 2006 on Love Island.

Calum has also appeared on Celebrity Come Dine with me, All Star Family Fortunes and Paris Hilton's British Best Friend.

Asked by The Sun Online how she’d feel if the pair had sex in the house, Angie said: ‘They’ve already been there done that…

Not in the house, but they’ve known each other in LA. With or without his mother he would never do it, he’s a respectful boy.’ Calum’s rep however has since denied the claims they were dating previously, telling uk: ‘It’s true that Calum has met Jasmine before. ‘Calum didn’t know she was going into the house until launch night.

The show, premised on the idea of celebs going dating (obviously) with ordinary members of the public, has proved to be so popular that dating gurus Eden Blackman and Nadia Essex are about to open the books for the second time this year. It was instead replaced with an old celebrity edition of Come Dine With Me. After some vicious rumours claiming dating expert Nadia Essex had died (she hasn't), show bosses released a statement explainign what happened.

Aspokesperson for the channel said: "Due to editorial reasons there has been a change to the schedule.

After a long history of yo-yo dieting and drink and drug binges - James ‘Arg’ Argent recently went off-grid and attended a rehab facility in Thailand to try and beat his demons once and for all. Arg's former TOWIE co-star Bobby Norris and cutest-person-ever was seen being quizzed by dating gurus Eden Blackman and Nadia Essex at the end of last series so this one probably comes as no surprise.

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