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"Click to start recording," instructs the programme. I lean forward, eyes narrowed, and turn up the volume.

I set the microphone activation to last five minutes, and Phil's smartphone number appears on the screen. I think you'll agree I have the suspect, as the Sweeney might say, bang to rights.

At no point does a recording light come on, nor does the camera make shutter sounds when it takes a photo.

The device seems inert yet is sending data back, treacherously, to the servers, like a pay-as-you-go Judas.

I resort to buying credit direct from Flexi SPY enabling me to, monkey-at-a-typewriter-style, press 1-click commands on my laptop. Over a few days, I check up on Phil's digital activity and whereabouts on my Flexi SPY "dashboard". I’d like my wife to imagine that I’m off doing all sorts — holding forth at a high-powered meeting, or fending off the advances of some of the many women who can’t come to terms with the fact I’m off the market.

Solicitor advocate Simon Mc Kay, an expert in the law relating to human rights and covert policing, says: "It's perfectly permissible to use this kind of software for ensuring your children are safe, or for any other benign purpose, where the motivation is lawful and in good faith. This spy app is a husband's worst nightmare - Phil Robinson I am stuck in traffic, planning a discreet trip to the pub, when the phone rings. Evidence of illicit visits to clown-themed burger joints is not what my marriage needs.

As it is, Flexi SPY emphasises that use of the app is illegal without the subject's consent and asks that we consult a lawyer before gifting us the use of its technology.

Meanwhile, m Spy's media manager, Yuriy Voronov, informs me by email "that m Spy is designed and marketed for legal uses" and points me to the warning on its website: "If you are thinking of using m Spy for catching a cheating partner - think again!

Ten years ago, you’d have needed to follow someone around with a surveillance truck to grab a muffled fraction of the information that can now be harvested live from the device that nestles in your breast pocket by day and sleeps by your bed at night.

To mount your subterfuge you’ll need a phone that has been on the market for at least a year — recent models are safe, as programs are yet to be written to crack or “jailbreak” the operating system from Apple’s control.

In theory, I can text commands straight to Phil Affair that will turn his phone into a remote camera and send silent snaps of his surroundings back to my computer.

But I text the activation code incorrectly and Phil Affair receives a mystery text composed of figures and arrows. I don’t mean getting caught doing something I shouldn’t; more that it reveals the crumpled mundanity of my existence.

Many in the picturesque Maine town of Kennebunk—a short trip from the Bush-family compound—knew that the sweet, friendly Zumba teacher was leading a double life. camera, one Sony camcorder, one Samsung camcorder, one Sony Handycam, one Pentax camera, one JVC camcorder, a black Fuji camera, two Canon Rebel cameras. Surveillance glasses and black night-vision glasses. Eight Express Mail labels addressed to Strong Investigations.

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