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I like beasts and this is NOT a beast, however, it's perfect.

You wouldn't want this fragrance any stronger than it is because it would take away from the "polite, proper, feminine effect." Utterly shameful that it's been discontinued while some of this brands almost comically boring and generic fragrances are still lining the shelves at department stores.

Rachel has been in many scenes since starting in the business and has really made a big name for herself.

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If they have absolutely any business sense at all they will re-release it for sale.

I find it the perfect balance of classy, chic, and yet a slight edge of sex appeal bubbling just beneath that polished exterior. I love my powdery purple florals and when I want something just a smidge sweeter and more youthful/modern than my beloved Esprit D'Oscar, I reach for this! Chloe Love is a bit more sharp/soapy then I expected following the first sprays. I am hoping that it mellows out a bit as it settles on my skin. I love it, wear it alot, get tired, give bottle away, miss it, buy another bottle, love it, get tired- and so on..

It goes without saying that this is a very powdery scent and, as others have stayed below, a very "purple" scent. To me, the perfume evokes not a grandmother, as some suggest, but a young college woman in a time before internet dating, preparing herself to meet a beau at the movies, putting on a little perfume that only he can smell on her neck.

It is a perfume that suggests love and sensuality, but does not suggest attraction (not that there's anything wrong with "sexy" perfumes.) For literature lovers, this is a perfume I can very much see worn by the protagonist of "The Bell Jar" by Slyvia Plath.

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