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Though the error messages are fairly clear about the problem, perhaps you want to allow for these conditions to be valid so that the function does not err or give nasty red messages.

There are three parameter validation settings that allow you to accept null or empty values and you can use one or all three.

As a result, using validation will specifically state that you are not allowing the values.

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The benefits to using parameter validation attributes is two-fold.

First, you do not have to write the error messages yourself. You never enter the actual code if the parameter validation does not pass and the code does not get bloated from all the input checking.

Conversely, ensure that a null or empty value is not accepted as an input parameter by using the Validate Not Null() or Validate Not Nullor Empty() parameter validation attributes.

The behavior in the simple example, when using the validate settings, shows a similar error compared to the behavior in the original example with no parameter validation.

You were taught that your program should nicely tell the user what was wrong and how to fix the problem.

You may have ended up writing thousands of lines of code to cover every possible scenario where the user could mess up the input.In that case, handle the validation of a collection with a foreach loop in the main code.With all the options for parameter validation at your fingertips, there is no good reason to not use it.To pass validation, the script block must evaluate to $True.To represent the current value of the parameter being passed in, use $_.Power Shell provides ways to validate acceptable parameter input for a function or a script.

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