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Cheryl's mom announces that the family has no money left, but Cheryl refuses to live frugally and tells her mom to get a job.Basically, Cheryl's not downgrading her lifestyle for anything.Her parents previously lied to her and said they didn't buy Pop's, so she sees this as leverage. ) credit card, she pays off Fred's debt in its entirety. When Penny says that Serpents can't hurt their own, Jug replies, "Oh, Penny.

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They call the Sheriff on the way to the site of the old murder, hoping to find Joseph Conway still alive.

When Veronica's parents learn she committed credit card fraud to pay off Fred's medical bills, they're livid.

Svenson, whose entire family was murdered by the Riverdale Reaper when he was a child.

Here's everything that happened in the final And he's dressed up as Santa, because this is a festive episode!

Things certainly aren't looking good for Riverdale's creepy janitor.

Over dinner, Veronica pleads with her parents to help Archie and his dad with their debt.

If Betty discovers the sin, then Svenson might go free.

While rummaging for Christmas presents, Veronica finds the deed to Pop's.

Thinking it's from a friend, she opens it, but throws the box down in horror when she realizes what's inside: a disembodied finger accompanied with a note reading, "Enclosed is a finger that belongs to the sinner Joseph Conway."The Black Hood follows up with a phone call to confirm that the finger belongs to janitor Svenson, and it's up to Betty to uncover one final sin.

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