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When Harry goes to Hogwarts, he finally understands that having a dæmon is normal. Kyle no cree en esas cosas pero cuando su fortuna se cumpla no pensara igual.

Meet the alien cat Kathrin, who now helps Stephen to his full potential alongside with his trusty Cloak of Levitation.(Super Bats/Gender-Swap) Experimental fic exploring a potential romantic relationship between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight. )Dipper and Mabel Pines had always been and will always be different. Plot to include influences from tales by Hans Christian Andersen and other stories. -El menor apuntó a su cuello dándole a entender a lo que se refería-.(Main Story) (Game Spoilers) 16 year old Chara has a secret Admirer that knows them a lot more than they realize.

Includes, among other things, banter, fluff, a Harry Potter movie marathon and apple pies. Dipper was abnormally smart and Mabel was abnormally fun and they both were the children of an all-powerful dream demon named Bill Cipher. Los Matsus y los Nakamura son mafias rivales que pelean territorios en Tokyo pero 3 miembros de ambas familias se han cruzado en caminos del destino. Max is the only one noticing this and is going to find out what's Rileys true meaning to this. male or female FC and Protagonist, you decide which.

Takes place during the first Thor movie after she finds out she's a Frost Giant. Her petite legs swinging back and forth underneath the dinning table. "Sequel to Living Arrangements and I Think We're Alone Now. Después de aquel acontecimiento, no sé si fue el haberlo visto tan indefenso, o el que pensé que por poco lo perdería... Todo se convirtió en una ruleta de la suerte, en donde no sabía a donde me llevaría mi corazón, ni lo que me haría hacer. Los niños de South Park, ahora en la preparatoria, se burlan de la realidad de hoy en día, hablamos de embarazos no deseados, la promiscuidad sexual sin protección y paternidad no planificada...ahora que les pasó a ellos, ¿como le harán de padres? Everyone has his own dreams, tasks, goals and expectations to fulfill.

When Connie returns to Beach City for the holidays, nobody could be happier than the Crystal Gems, who always knew she and Steven were destined for each other. Stephen Strange is struggling on his way to become the Sorcerer Supreme as a creature tackles him during a portal travel. This is an AU only from the moment Anna punches Hans at the end of the film.

As it turns out all it takes is the death of one Umino Iruka. After all, he was weak against it and she had tried everything else. You have nightmares that wake you up at night, scary but unreal.

That was until she learned something very important. You also have nightmares that show up in the light, with sharp edged blade and a promise of death to all those you love. The kids of South Park are disappearing one by one.

Max didn't think he would fight tooth and nail to get custody so quickly.

But of course three weeks later they're heading back to Camp Campbell for another summer well spent. Why had he forgotten that he was supposed to protect him…

Lance, Allura's younger brother, gets captured on the mission to retrieve the Red Lion. Podrán triunfar en el amor o solo dejará que el odio los consuma. [Tougou XOso] [Atsushi XTodo] [Jyushix Homu] Leve Karatodo e Ichikara. Pearl is shattered unexpectedly and the other gems are corrupted. Patches Needed: 9 (Okay, at this point in the patches, consider me as the George Lucas of this story.

His guard, a Galra halfbreed named Keith, may just be his ticket to freedom. A new camper has arrived to Camp Campbell and he seems to be pretty chill according to everyone there, even Max, but this new camper suddenly starts being all buddy with David. Steven and Peridot are the only Crystal Gems remaining. XD) (UNDER RECONSTRUCTIONS)After being missing for two months, Danny returns to Amity Park sickly and with his memory missing.

Max would be sure to stir up some hell while there Who ever invented the word 'heart-break' didn't know what they were talking about. A heart doesn't simply 'split in half'- it splinters. He had always pushed it to the back of his mind that he was in the wrong. A promise long forgotten that started this whole damn trend between the two of them because in reality she was Izuka Midoriya, a female, and not Izuku Midoriya. Izuku XKatsuki Scar has killed Mufasa, and his take over plan is in full effect, but he forgot one thing, Simba? However, instead of killing the cub, he lets hims live and even trains him to follow in his pawprints.

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