Dark caverns chat room

Aggro the turtle knight, then deal with the pyromancer and the white spirit.

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This way you will use the least magic, items and estus flasks before facing the boss.

Also if you happen to die, you can go through the same portal again facing the least number of enemies and easily regaining the souls before you enter the boss fight.

There are three portals that lead to three separate caverns with different black phantoms in each.

TIP: It is recommended that you finish the King's Gate portal (under the Drangleic Castle) as it has the fewest enemies.

There will be a drop into the hidden cavern with a portal and Darkdiver Grandahl next to it.

After giving him a Human Effigy, he will open the portal to the Abyss.

Once these enemies are gone, light the torch in the room, then head down the elevator. Afterward, make sure to use a Flame Butterfly to light your torch, and set ablaze the giant bowl of embers.

Once lit, jump into the faded fog and the stage is complete.

This portal can be accessed by going to the Shaded Ruins in the Shaded Woods.

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