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Will she be able to keep it a surprise or will she crack under the pressure?The Roloffs give a select group of "Little People, Big World" superfans the opportunity to join them on the farm for an up-close and personal question and answer session and a day filled with spirited games to test their knowledge!

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Narkyia & Lowo's relationship nearly imploded last time they were together.

Now months have passed and Lowo has arrived but trust issues remain.

Matt reluctantly agrees to go house hunting with the condition that any move brings them closer to his relatives.

However, Alla has severe reservations and still thinks his family is too involved in their life.

Catch up on Russ and Pao's journey from the moment Pao arrived in America.

Will her aversion to Oklahoma, modeling career in Miami and his unemployment bring them closer together or force them to make some difficult choices?

Alan & Kirlyam are far beyond their 90-day journey and life together in America is going smoothly.

Kirlyam is taking college classes and already has her green card but a big announcement is about to upend their relationship's entire routine.

When she started shedding pounds, the idea of taking up softball once again gave her the motivation she needed Another of the show's stories was that of Melissa Morris, who lost a staggering 500lbs.

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