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blink and tell me, he blinks lightly, she asks him to smile also, he gives her a shy smile, she hugs himk and comes to meet others. Vikas comes there and says she is straight forward, she must be emotional too, Hina says it was very humiliating for people she didnt even say hello to. Puneesh says it was my plan, Salman says she made you stuck, all laugh. Shilpa says mummy said that people curse here so I said they just have bad tongues. Vikas says we tried to make Arshi understand that Shilpa didn’t do it. Vikas says I didnt have option, If I didnt make Arshi captain then Hina and Luv were standing against me, Luv doesnt take his decisions, he cant be captain and I dont get along with Hina, we have competition, every captain gets power to save someone or change the game so I trust Arshi more in this situation more than Hina and Luv.

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very disappointed, you were nice earlier, good luck. Salman asks Hina to sing, she sings ankhon ki ghustakhiyan.

Gauri comes to Hiten and says you didnt change your look? Bigg boss asks Gauri to leave, Hiten is sad, Gauri hugs him and says I love you, take care, everything is fine.

Gauri says to Aakash that Hiten was fond of you, what happened to youy? Salman asks Shilpa your mother talks nicely, I loved her, Shilpa thanks him, Salman says she is so sweet, you have same quality, you are humorous and will power, Vikas wasted your 2 years but your rates are increased and Vikas will give it, all laugh.

I used to like you too but you changed, you used to respect Hiten a lot but what happened? Salman says to Hina that your friend Rocky came, Bigg boss never did romance.

All are frozen, Rohan hugs Hina, Hina cries, he says smile, I am here, you are looking very nice, you are trending, your friendship with Priyank and Luv is looking very nice, Vikas is close to Priyank but you both are with Priyank too, infact Priyank backbites about you and doesnt take your side, you said Hina is insecure, I dont understand why you saved Arshi. On stage, Salman says Karishma Tanna came in house too. Karishma greets everyone, she says to Vikas that you have mind and you use it.. Salman says they went in house but inmates couldnt talk so now we will connect call to house and question them.

Hina says if you dont want to talk to her then dont talk about her and if you want to be friend then go to her, Arshi says Shilpa was making fun of you crying for Rocky, they didnt show it, Hina says I dont know. She says to Shilpa that I used to cook like you cook. She comes to Hina and says you remind me of myself, I used to be active in tasks, I understand you, you are doing nice. Karishma says if you follow that too then it would look better, you say something else to your friends and do opposite of that, keep it in mind but overall you are doing well in the show, I like you. Salman welcomes Karan Patel, Karishma Tanna, and Rohan Mehra.

Gauri hugs Arshi and says I wanted to meet you most, you are playing ver nicely, we like your joking with Hiten, I dont have any problem, we all like it so keep it up and congrats you are captain now, I will see you. Vikas says to Shilpa that we didnt understand it before. Salman says we can say difference was 2-3 votes but difference of 2-3 crore votes? Salman says he used to call Benafsha as Ben and Divya as Di? Salman says you are digging your grave I think, you are wrong. Puneesh says no one becomes captain on task basis here, its always a personal choice here, best performers go to jail and worst ones become captains, thats the tradition of this house. VIKAS says you dont listen, You dont have faith, we are asking you to do in tasks, you are captain now. Vikas says I saw Shilpa, she didnt glare your father. Hina says Vikas you took wrong decision so crying now.

Gauri comes to Hina and says Hiten is playing very nicely, he is playing well, I sent him message to be a leader and not follower, it was for Hiten, not for anybody else to analyze it, it was personally for Hiten, he is doing exactly as he should, he doesnt need anyone’s advice, he is a grown man, he knows what he is doing, good luck. On stage, Salman says Hiten doesnt know gift it waiting for him. Hina says hashtag Khelgayi(she played him), all laugh. Salman says I loved Puneesh and Luv’s bonding with their dads, Puneesh says he is my best friend, its his birthday today, Salman says my mother’s birthday today too, Salman wishes them both. Priyank says yes, we didnt announce it and she came.. Salman says to Vikas that you chose captain for house and its clear that you cant control this captain, Hina says thank you. Luv says why you are saying that I cant be nice captain. Arshi says to hina that you should have told Salman that I saw it.

In house, Gauri Tejwani comes in house, he hugs Hiten and cries, all are frozen, Gauri says I love you, I thought I wouldnt cry but I couldnt control, I didnt stay away from you for so much time, are you not eating nicely? Hiten says they could have let me meet her once, Luv says it was a test, Hiten says I am sorry she said things, Hina says I dont feel bad at all if she said things, Vikas says she cleared things, she is like that, Arshi says I wish I met her earlier. Salman says you changed after captaincy, you dont need anyone? You disturbed pure atmosphere by being negative, you passed comments like shut it shameless woman, you said that for Shilpa when her mother was in housr. Karan comes to Hina and says I need to talk to you a lot, what are you doing? you dont have watch here but you know what someone ate, what they took, how they slept, how they did but you forget your sayings? Karan says nice expressions but your forget your own words, you keep saying that you didnt do that, you didnt say that, you might forget but there are 160 cameras and million people watching, I am sure I dont have to remind you what I am referring to, Karan says one friend gave point of view that you are insecure but you took it so much to heart that you fought him, Hina shakes her head, Karan says Priyank said sorry and you said I am done, it can mean two things that either you dont want to accept truth or your ego is so big that you cant accept sorry, I am saying all this as a viewer, you are looking nice and play game nicely too.

you are not working out so you are not eating nicely too, keep playing like you are playing, you dont have to change for anybody, she kisses his cheek and says you okay? Arshi says to Hina that she was angry with you, Hina says its her opinion, she can react for her husband, nobody said anything to anyone but she did, she didnt even meet Priyank and Luv, Priyank says she didnt even say hello. Hina says to Arshi that she was rolling eyes for me, it was so childish, like your husband is a grown up man and you are doing that? Arshi says I didnt say it, salman you dont see Shilpa’s mistake, she also said to her mother that people have bad tongues here.

Goyal has hired a fake baraat to accompany Raghu to his wedding which includes Gayatri (Parineeti Chopra), an open-minded, independent woman who lives life on her own terms.

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