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Avoiding Russian Women Scams is my best one-page guide on how to avoid being scammed.

If you found my site by Googling something like "Russian dating scams", this is the one page you must read, learn, and live!!! It also constitutes 90% of the advice I'm going to give if you seek my advice about a specific scam situation.

I'll summarize here: (1) Shop only on the reputable sites, and (2) "follow the money".

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Of course if a car arrives to meet you at the airport, and if you have an apartment to sleep in, if a translator is actually present on your dates, and your date actually shows up, then you might wonder where is the scam?

Well, the scam is in the fact that the girl is only PRETENDING to be interested in you and serious about a relationship with you so that you will use these services so that she will profit financially.

In the relatively short history of my site it is clear that Russian dating scams is the subject of greatest interest to my readers.

That's a little frustrating to me because scams are so easy to avoid.

The picture above shows the wrist of a woman forced into prostitution where the number beneath the bar code is the amount of money she owed traffickers'Given the significant levels of sexually aggressive attitudes and behavior found in sex buyers, a more progressive legal policy would be like that seen in Sweden and Norway, where prostitution is understood as a predatory crime against economically and ethnically marginalized women.

To those outside Russia/Ukraine it might appear that Russian dating scams are EVERYWHERE!

Men who pay for sex display characteristics that suggest they are more likely to commit rape and other aggressive sexual offenses, according to a study that assessed the attitudes of 200 men.

It found men who pay for sex have less empathy for prostitutes (stock image above) than men who do not Professor Neil Malmuth, a psychologist at the University of California Los Angeles, said: 'Our findings indicate that men who buy sex share certain key characteristics with men who are at risk for committing sexual aggression.

It's just that those perpetrating the scams are highly visible and do a LOT of volume.

But dating scams are EASILY AVOIDABLE with just a little common sense combined with a little guidance.

If you sign up for "direct-connection sites" (sites where members communicate directly with one another without any human intermediaries - like Match.com) and correspond via email with women you meet online, you will definitely encounter "Email Scams".

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