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It can happen just through a click and you can get the best prices. Awesome Dairy, India's first online dairy has tied up with the greek yogurt provider- Epigamia, to start online delivery of the product.

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Coming up with online delivery for such perishable products was first initiated by Awesome Dairy.

The online platform also expects to open up franchise stores in different areas and also tying up with newer brands soon.

The online platform has provided two options of quantity of either 1 piece or 12 pieces for different requirements.

Epigamia is one of the first Greek yogurt entrant in the Indian dairy markets. There are various players, but the least of them provide online platform to the consumer.

But hey, don’t feel overly sweet like ice cream does sometimes.

Natural Greek Yogurt is healthy though — no added sugar, just a good dose of calcium, (healthy) fats and carbs.

About Awesome dairy Founded in 2015 by Mr Amol Ghodke and Mrs Smruti Palwe Ghodke, Awe Some Dairy is India's first online website dedicated to dairy products.

Ever since I have started the Master’s Course in Yoga, I have been trying to eat healthily and follow a healthy lifestyle in general.

You can read it on the side of the cup which gives some spiel.

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