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Which is one reason she had never seen David Bowie's name when it came time to read it off a list of nominees at a Grammy press conference in January. Besides, people mispronounce my name all the time.”Things took off for Lavigne after a Canadian label representative sent New York songwriter and producer Peter Zizzo a home video of her singing karaoke.

Evan and avril dating

“You can't really predict when an artist is going to become a teen icon,” says L. Reid, president of Lavigne's label, Arista Records.

An icon, that is, who wears baggy pants, plastic bracelets and a scowl – not the skimpy threads and Ultra brite smiles of Britney and Mandy and Beyoncé and pre-“Dirrty” Christina.

She politely hands a paper bag to Lavigne, who flashes a halfhearted smile and murmurs, “Thanks.” Once we are out of earshot, she says to her assistant, “That's the one. ” She opens one of the packages to find crispy fried potato sticks, and, suddenly, the fear of poisoning vanishes as she digs in.avigne never doubted she'd be a star.

She's here waiting every day.” Lavigne looks in the bag, suspiciously eyeing the candy and snacks inside. She has always believed she was destined to be a famous performer.

“I can totally understand why people would be pissed off at Avril,” says rhythm guitarist Jesse Colburn, who used to play in an Ontario band named Closet Monster. Punk pop is in right now, and someone out there thought they could capitalize on it with Avril.

You can look kind of punky without listening to punk rock or writing punk-rock music.”Still, Reid contends that “there are no guys in suits that can manufacture artists like Avril Lavigne. God knows the record business needs them right now.”If the response in Asia is any indication, Lavigne's fans are way more vocal than her detractors.

It's a sore subject for Lavigne, who avoids using the word these days.

But her bandmates, all veterans of small-time punk bands, are quick to defend her.

“My mom wouldn't even let me sing [the country song] ‘Strawberry Wine,’ because it said ‘wine’ in it and I was this little kid,” she remembers. And that's not the only reason why I don't dance around like a ho onstage, but it definitely has something to do with being brought up with tons of morals.

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