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But unbeknownst to her, Hefford was suffering from a rare condition called urea cycle disorder (UCD), which is genetic.

Roughly one in 8,000 people have UCD but many do not know.

Aug 19: We're back with a fun new Muscle Comparison clip starring Ace and her almost 18" calves which send the boys home in tears.

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Current government recommendations for adult men are 55.5g a day for men and 45g for women.

May 18: Welcome back to Jackie Christopher, who shows off more of her biceps today. May 10: We will always love big, booming muscle and Nancy Lewis and her amazing pecs will never disappoint.

She leaves behind two children: a seven-year-old daughter and five-year-old son.

“Losing Meegan, it’s so awful and I still can’t believe she’s gone but I have to focus on the positives that at least I had 25 years with her and she jammed so much into her life, it’s almost like she knew her time would be short,” White said.

Hefford, a mother of two and paramedic trainee, had been following a strict diet in the run up to a bodybuilding competition in September.

She was consuming high levels of protein from shakes, supplements and protein-rich foods.And her family are now calling for tighter restrictions on protein powders and supplements.“I know there are people other than Meegan who have ended up in hospital because they’ve overloaded on supplements,” Hefford’s mother Michelle White said.This long clip was filmed by Simon for us a few years back.Oct 21: A quick classic clip featuring the biceps of the lovely Mary Ann Graves.Oct 20: Hard, lean Lisa Horrigan is back in contest condition with another clip highlighting her other-worldly muscle shapes.

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