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Parser Error Message: Could not create type 'Geocaching Server NS.

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This prevents your transcripts from receiving sensitive information, so that you should never need to redact a transcript from your history.

You would add a configuration at the bottom of your existing Olark install code.

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- Web.config - (if I ask this file when specifying the URL, it works) Can you post the directory structure of this web application as it appears on the server, including (especially) the full location of the ASMX file, and the contents and locations of all directories named Here are 2 solutions that I tried, without any success: 1) put the class that contains the web service as the first one in the file.

- Geocaching - Geocaching cs - Server.csproj - Server.- Server.

Kindly chat or call us if you need to partially or fully disconnect your services.

Use this configuration to tell Olark to mask any sequence of numbers that looks like it might be a credit card.

Dynamic Sender ID is frequently supported, but sometimes this may be changed to another alphanumeric or random numeric Sender ID to ensure delivery.

There are no additional content restrictions beyond those in our Acceptable Use Policy Delivery Receipts: Delivery receipts are not reliable in Israel, so should not be used as an indicator of successful or unsuccessful delivery to the handset.

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