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Changing your hair is no easy feat, but trying on virtual hair styles can help to make your decision much easier.

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Free hairstyle tryer online dating

Cosmo then provides a list of the products you used in the makeover, so purchasing a specific hair color or the cosmetics you liked best, shouldn't be an issue.

At The Hair Styler, you'll need to actually register with the site and become a member in order to use and view the full range of the available models, but limited functionality is available at no charge.

In addition to makeup looks to try on, this site is also unique in that offers virtual anti-aging treatments; readers can test the look of plumper lips or raised brows to get an idea if the treatment is right for them.

The Essence Makeover Magic tool is geared towards women of color and provides a range of hair options, including celebrity styles.

Second, if you see a style on a celebrity that you think would work wonderful with your hair texture, you can try on that look, and then book a salon visit.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, if you have a special occasion coming up, but are unsure what hair style will suit you best, a virtual program can help you experiment and decide once and for all.

To transform themselves, users type any terms in the search engine, such as 'curly hair,' 'India' or '1930' and the software will mine through Internet photo collections for similar images in that specific category.

Dreambit draws on previous research from the university and other work in facial processing, recognition, three-dimensional reconstruction and age progression, combining those algorithms in a unique way to create the blended images.

If you like what you see, you also have the option of purchasing the make you've selected. There's no limit on how many times you can use the makeover function, so you can try out all your favorite looks, from trendy to classic.

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