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Seems two of the girls were cat fighting, though now they seemed more interested in out cussig each other.

That they were both breathing heavy, clothes mussed up, one girl had a slight bloody nose, the other four girls underdressed and overstimulated, I was surely being tested, oh lord, my cock hurt it was so wanting out, all scrunched up in my pants, my shirt covering the bulge.

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Her shirt came off, exposing tits to die for, bra looked like an industrial hoist, credit to Jill for concealing these beautes so well.

Fingers brushing her on fire skin, while undoing her bra, the way her melons plopped out, perfect, round, flesh so white, nipples so healthy pink, the taste of them divine, her moans egging me on, she grabbed at my cock again, quickly I had it out, her gasp at trying to wrap her hand around it, great for my ego.

All this in defense of what occured toward the end of my daughters ninth year of high school.

It was just getting springlike, that feeling of surviving another hard winter propelling you, energy soaring, happy to be alive, everything kosher, I was content.

Got her up, long tongue kiss, her look of confusion, her confession of sucking boy cock, then those kids wouldnt kiss her ever, me explaining that I loved it nasty, the sloppier the better, she thrusting her fat tongue back down my throat, her tits feeling so heavy in my hands, amazing that she could be so large at fourteen, she was at least a D, little saggage, and again, her pink nips really finished it off, they were like gumdrops, couldnt help wanting to suck for hours.

My cock rubbing against her soft warm belly, leaking precum like a teenager, she didnt stop my unsnapping her jeans, the zipper sounding so erotic as I lowered it, the sound of openings,feeling the heat through her red satin panties, feeling the soft pubes, knowing this had to happen, to late for anything to stop it.With her tongue in my mouth, her hand on my cock, one of my hands mauling a tit, the other snaked into her burning cunt against her panties, the feel perfect, fat, soft lips, steamy, her cunt smell luring me deeper, my finger sliding in, her gasp, the way her lips grabbed my finger, pulled it in, she wanted cock, Ill take that to my grave.Well, this was real life, daughter screaming for me, kids yelling, we parted lips, shocked, looking into each others eyes, fits of the giggles, fixing each others clothing, heading upstairs, last quick kiss, promises of more, soon, both sides.Mindlessly folding shit, thimking nothing, she startled me, feet away, smile beaming, inviting, she was radiant, I dropped the clothes, kissed her, she responded hard, clumsily grabbing for my cock, almost smacking my boys, bad opening play on her part, I would teach her, its my gift.Her face was so flushed, she was gasping for air, licking her lips seductively, making sexy purrings, I had to have her, it was not possible to stop, again, I knew it was wrong, just impossible to stop.That she became my daughters bff that year, that moment, they being bffs in teen time, I became more aware of her just by the nature of her and Brianna, my princess, being inseperable for those last months of Bri living with me.

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