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She’ll often stand in the pasture standing out with her arms held out, looking up at the sky. She will then hang out around the back of the inn before wandering the valley.She may end up visiting the bar in the evening and will go to bed whenever she feels like it. Note: If you speak to her repeatedly until she has nothing new to say, you will gain favour.She’s apparently hard to impress, but not really, she just likes specific things.

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You won’t actually be able to propose until you have the blue feather which you’ll be given on the first day of Summer.

Nami: 28 years old, bright red hair, light blue eyes.

Lumina lives with her grandmother, Romana, in the large Villa at the top of the hill.

When she’s not playing the piano she can be found in her bedroom upstairs, outside in the garden or walking down the hill and at the base of the hill.

Her diary is at the back of her room, upstairs in the mansion.

elling girl considered to be the most intelligent out of all of the girls, she’s a little quiet and very down to earth.

In Harvest Moon, A Wonderful Life Special Edition there are four girls to marry; Celia, Muffy, Nami and Lumina and it’s an essential part of the game to pick one of them.

If you haven’t married by the end of Year 1 then it’s game over for you.

If you like Nami and want her to like you back, tell her she can do whatever she wants.

With this new freedom Nami will stay a little longer at your farm to explore it further. Nami cutscene 2: You need 2 hearts for this one, though it can trigger at 1 heart.

If you reject whomever comes to your door then you’ll leave the valley and be sent back to the main menu. Each girl has a diary and this is the way you check how they feel about you.

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