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Playfully, she tosses me into the air like a rag doll.At two and a half years old, Chandra Kali is a big girl.

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Past guests have included various British royal family members, Mick Jagger and most recently, Orlando Bloom.

Dhani tells me that he has seen nature at its best while working at Tiger Tops for so many years.

Shielding her cub behind her, she raises herself up on hind legs, adopting a threatening posture.

Though she’s equipped with long front claws and a reputedly short temper, she’s no match for our elephant, who responds by stamping her feet and attempting a mock charge.

Perched high on my Chitwan mount, Chan Chun Kali Jacks, I envisage going completely native. It’s either cool and dry in winter or wet and hot in summer. Dhani, my eagle-eyed guide on these excellent adventures, interrupts my reverie by pointing out a python’s sinuous track. An adult chital deer weighs at least 80 kilos, more than me. Maybe I’m not Mowgli material after all because now I don’t feel so safe on Chan Chun Kali Jacks.

It looks like a log has been dragged in soft earth. I saw a clip on You Tube of a tiger attack in an Indian national park.

Each morning I purloin a few apples and bananas from the breakfast buffet to share with my favourite elephant at Tiger Tops.

Mischievously, I pull her tail and dash around to twirl her trunk like it’s a whirly-gig. Her companions are all adults and I believe that my playmate misses roughhouse play with a creature closer to her size.

This is a rare chance encounter with another guest. Guess I can go home now, got to see what I come for.’ ‘What did you see? I can barely see the looming Himalaya Mountains much less a striped cat running through its perpendicular patterns. Later, I return to Chandra Kali to assuage my disappointment. While I roll back into the dirt, arms akimbo and legs buckled, I am convinced that she is laughing with me.

We quietly exchange notes from an elephant trunk’s distance. [caption id="attachment_2148" align="alignnone" width="369"] A tiger the writer didn't see in Royal Chitwan National Park.[/caption] From the first day, I feel like a latter day Mowgli.

Chitwan’s ideal habitat creates perfect conditions for rhinoceros unicornis, the highly endangered Great One-Horned rhino.

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