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Behind the smiles, many of the brothers were hiding suffering and sadness which has overtaken them since their golden age.

These are their stories: Wayne, 52, appears to have made a full recovery after having a cancerous brain tumour removed by surgeons.

Like Donny, he also suffered a breakdown, becoming severely depressed at 19 when his parents refused to let him marry the girl he loved.

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"I thought I'd be a lot happier if I did myself in," he said recently.

"I was going to slash my throat." In poor health, Merrill now offers spiritual guidance via his website.

He has had voice therapy-and physiotherapy every day since and has admitted he is unsure whether his voice will ever be the same again.

Jimmy, 40, made his TV debut aged five and had a number one hit with Long Haired Lover From Liverpool aged nine.

Jay claims Donny, 58, who became an international heart-throb in the 70s and enjoyed 35 years of fame with younger sister Marie as duo Donny and Marie, was brought down to size when he developed an ego."Donny got knocked on the head a couple of times," said Jay, 60, who is touring with brothers Jimmy and Merrill Osmond."We realised it took all of us putting our pieces of the puzzle together, creating this brand.

There wouldn't be a Donny, Marie or Jimmy if it wasn't for Alan, Merrill or Jay."Jimmy Osmond, 52, added: "We had each other. A lot of kids don't have that."JENNIFER LOPEZ says it's her children's job to help her sleep after a busy day.

Lord Of The Rings star Sir Ian, 75, said: "Happy new year everyone!

They were greyer and heavier and one even needed a walking stick to make it on stage.

Married to a former Miss Utah, he has five children.

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