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” I’d be like, “Well, every single one of them is perfect and I have no idea what you’re talking about if you think one of them is not perfect.” She’s a mad scientist of singing. He was emaciated then, like he didn’t eat enough Doritos after a couple of bong hits. Someone sent it to me on Twitter and was like, “Holy shit! Then she’d ask, “What do you think of these five takes?

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Jd samson dating

Having no expectations is much easier for me than trying to force something that may or may not happen.

I do my best to create the most mixed events I can, as I think there is much power in being together.

I haven’t heard a record this good since blah de blah.” I love all that smoke being blown up my ass.

And at the time a bunch of music industry advisors were like, “Don’t release this pop record because you’ll totally sabotage you’re career, blah de blah.” Then I got together with Zero 7 and started doing more down-tempo stuff, so I made another down-tempo solo record, Some People Have Real Problems, because that’s what I was listening to. But because of the success of Some People Have Real Problems, the music advisors said it would be okay to record some up-tempo music. And now everyone’s like splooging in their pants, saying, “This is the best record you’ve ever made.

He looked like he smoked one too many bong hits and was a total metalhead, so I called him Pantera. [Strokes drummer] Fab [Moretti] and I were roommates in L. But then I realized maybe I could bring the Strokes to me! There was a cult in Australia and all of the children had blonde bobs. The “Bring Night” video is going to be like that Jack Nicholson movie with the kid riding down the big hallway on his bicycle…. You helped Christina Aguilera with her new album, Bionic. When we were doing the vocal production, every take was sick.

I’m a fan of the Strokes, so my big fantasy was that one day I would get to sing with them. Seriously, I was trying to write a song that might get pitched for a girly movie. There’s “Bring Night,” which I’m going to make a great video for with a bunch of small blonde children. [Laughs] I’m just cashing in on the whole Twilight thing. She’s a perfectionist and she totally scrambled my mind.

“I started dating JD Samson from Le Tigre and suddenly I was listening to more up-tempo music and old dance music, like ESG and Gang of Four, and I thought, ‘Wow. This girl was packaging the jeans at my house, so I slipped a note in one of the boxes for Madonna and said, “Hi, this is Sia.

We Are Born will still be coming out on my record label, but it will be licensed by a major. I just need to sign off on the final negotiations then we can officially announce a release date. Yes, “Oh Father.” I personalized the words to make sense to me. Then one day about three years ago she put one of my songs, a remix of “Breathe Me,” on her i Tunes playlist. Then I got excited, because someone who was staying at my house was working for this jeans company and Madonna had asked for a bunch of their jeans.

I want people to be happy and enjoy themselves, and I’m really not that obsessed with what’s cool or fashionable, to be honest.

I’m just sincere and present with my goals to create a space that people feel good in, and to try to be political with my decisions about taking up space and creating safer space.

You'll be wrong, make mistakes, hurt people you don't mean to, take the wrong side on an issue.

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