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I just loved this show - I am a devoted fan of k-drama and k-pop, and I guess by reading some of the other comments, maybe I am shallow, but I am fascinated with the whole system.

Jonghyun of Shinee, as mentioned in this episode has since passed away.

It has been a devastating loss to the kpop industry and hopefully will allow for a more open conversation of mental health.

During the orientation we were given an introduction to Korean culture by a Korean academic who explained that Korea had a mono-culture.

We had to expect that every single student might give the same answer to questions like, "what's your favourite food? At some point Jad asks a rhetorical question about whether or maybe how much we are culturally different.

Also, don't be so provincial while snobby at the same time about an episode on Korean music- comparing how different societies deal with celebrity and pop culture is very relevant to our lives. Koreans in general are more comfortable talking politics than Americans.

I'm not Kpop fan, but it was a really interesting episode. And the fall of the show is emphatic thud. However, as the country has acquired more wealth and independence the culture has become more materialistic and apolitical.

They are professionals and have a life like anybody else and deserve privacy, consideration and respect like any other person.

I'm not a fan of k-pop, but this was a really interesting story!

Also why no mention that the ex-boyfriend was Daniel Lee, owns the company that owns allkpop?

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