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"It's just something for him to use as part of his job.

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"A lot of people think I come from a long line of German aristocracy or Egyptian pharaohs," he says, "but it actually comes from a man called Tommy Tutt, who married a young woman called Jane Rhind four generations ago.

I think they ran a post office and they put their names together.

So I have a very aristocratic sounding name, despite being a kid from the airport." Perhaps this partly explains why The Sunday Telegraph used him as a model eight years ago, an experience he describes as a "travesty".

Thought to have the right frame to wear original military uniforms from the 19th century, Rhind-Tutt turned up at the shoot and duly posed for the pictures.

Most of the time they've got you over a barrel." Maybe Rhind-Tutt just isn't ambitious enough. "I'm 10 years younger than any of the others - it was like having six mums and dads." Plays at school were followed by more acting at Warwick University, where he read English.

Maybe, though, that's why he views his career with such healthy equanimity. "Towards the end we wondered how we could carry on doing this and get paid for it." Acting school in London beckoned for Rhind-Tutt and a friend.As the non-conformist who still manages to be successful, his character has been admired by men - male viewers can imagine sharing a pint with him - and, for a large number of women, his dishevelled charm and sensitivity has reached the erogenous parts that the rest of the cast couldn't.Even a cursory glance at the gossip magazines underlines his status as something of a heart-throb."He's obviously listening in on us," jokes Rhind-Tutt.(I later discover that the "mate" in question is Johnny Geller, now the managing director of the book division of the Curtis Brown agency, and still a friend of Rhind-Tutt's.) Where does his surname come from?The 37-year-old actor has appeared in a long line of films and television programmes, such as the BBC comedy Hippies and Channel 4's Black Books.

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