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Make friends, Meet singles in Kenya find a date and fall in love. We are the only Kenya dating site that will link you with thousands of single women and single men all looking for other singles for online dating.

Category: Dating in Kenya – Kenyan Dating Looking for Kenyan singles interested in serious dating and relationships?

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Dating Sites in Kenya: Dating in Kenya is mainly done offline with the majority of people choosing to use networking and social events to meet prospective dates. Kenya has seen an increase in the number of free and paid online dating sites for meeting and maybe becoming even more serious in future.

This has seen an increase in many singles events like mingle which is a monthly event and others like blanket and wine aimed at the single generation y ranging from 23 to 35. These sites were not there in the past but only surfaced in the last few years or so.

Kenyan is a dating site helping you connect with Kenyan singles looking for love.

Browse through our personals and meet like-minded Kenyans interested in serious dating.

But with the arrival of fibre optic the reach fro these site can be limitless Some of these online dating sites in Kenya are however fraudulent and individuals are advised to take caution when they provide personal information to strangers.

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