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Although weight training can increase muscle mass if you provide your clients with the right stimulus (using at least 70 percent of the client’s one-rep max and performing enough reps and sets to cause a significant amount of muscle breakdown and stimulate protein synthesis), research does not support the use of weight training alone or in combination with aerobic training for enhanced weight loss, but rather for the preservation of muscle mass while trying to lose weight.

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Dybest set interesserer jeg mig ikke for lokalpolitik, det er mere landspolitik, jeg går op i, siger den Robinson-veteranen.

The few studies reporting an increase in RMR have often been conducted on older adults who are more likely to show increases in resting metabolic rate due to the attenuating effect of weight training on age-associated losses in muscle mass.

Additionally, RMR can be increased partially as a result of increasing caloric intake that often accompanies the increase in caloric expenditure with exercise.

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In a society constantly bombarded with images of what is attractive, where people feel pressure to conform to those images, it’s not surprising that strength training often takes on such a prominent role in the gym.

After all, lifting weights may be the quickest way to improve your clients’ physical appearance and self image.

Since no research has shown that RMR is maintained much less increased when people are in negative energy balance, how can fitness professionals suggest that weight training increases RMR, resulting in weight loss?

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