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The population losses are only partially offset by immigrants, principally from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

In 1992 – 1998, population of Lithuania dropped by 45 000 reaching 3 702 000 in early 1999.

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During 1992–1999, the share of population aged 65 and over increased from 11.3% to 13.4%, while the share of children aged 0–14 dropped from 22.6% to 19.8%.

The 15–64 age group experienced minor changes over the period, and in 1999, comprised 67% Due to the country’s swift industrialization and urbanization, the demographic transition had been proceeding at a high speed culminating in its final stage, and had resulted in a rapid population ageing.

Population by sex and age Since the early 1990s, the new trends of all demographic processes – fertility, mortality, and migration – have significantly altered the age structure of the population.

Since 1992, the proportion of elderly people has been clearly on the rise.

Freedom is freedom from bondage (vergove) and exploitation.

It is a state in which we may grow and learn, be nourished, and in which we may develop our talents, and explore life and the world in its many dimensions.If there were nothing around the hole, there wouldn't even be a hole.Freedom is not a simple matter of doing what we want to do, and having fun; although some may think so, for a while at least.From the table we can see that in 2006 were more people than in 2007.It depends of people emigration and less immigration.(APIMTIS 3PSL) Trumpas referatas apie lietuvių išeivius gyvenančius Jugntinėse Valstijose nuo jų emigracijos pradžios.

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