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The church and convent of San Francesco, which housed the remains of many of the Marquises of Monferrato, was turned to other uses during the eighteenth century and demolished in the nineteenth.

Locally the square is invariably called Piazza Cavallo: , originally founded in 742, rebuilt in the early twelfth century and consecrated in 1106 or 1107; it underwent restoration in 1706 and again in the 19th century.

It contains some good pictures, and the relics of Saint Evasius, but is probably most notable for its remarkable narthex.

Liutprand, King of the Lombards is said to have supported the construction of a church in honour of Evasius.

Certainly the martyr’s cult flourished and by 988 the town had become known as Thereafter it was of considerable importance as a fortress.

Nevertheless it fell again into decline; during World War II it was used as a store.

Major restoration work took place in the 1980s and the theatre finally reopened in 1990 with a performance by Vittorio Gassmann.

Subsequent restorations were carried out in 1779 (after a lightning strike which destroyed the fifteenth-century clock) and again in 1920.

Adjoining the tower is the church of Santo Stefano which stands on the east side of a small sqare named after it.

The church’s origins date to the beginning of the second millennium, but it was largely rebuilt in the mid-1600s under a project attributed to Sebastiano Guala; work on the current façade began in 1787 but was not completed until the late nineteenth century.

Inside are paintings by Giovanni Francesco Caroto (1480 – 1555), Il Moncalvo (1568 – 1625), Giorgio Alberini (1575/6 – 1625/6),and Francesco Cairo (1607 – 1665).

Via Lanza, which runs northwards from the north-west corner of Piazza Mazzini, is known for the Krumiri Rossi bakery, which indeed produces Krumiri: biscuits which have been a speciality of Casale since their legendary invention in 1870 by one Domenico Rossi after an evening spent with friends in Piazza Mazzini’s Caffè della Concordia (now a bank).

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