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Paule, Sevanne Martin, Daniel Bess, Judy Del Giudice, Bill Driscoll, Vivian Nesbitt, AUTORE: Dick Wolf DATA DELLA PRIMA MESSA IN ONDA 1999-09-201x2 - Una vita in fuga When the body of Gretchen Quinn is found wearing only a red slip after having gone through an upper-story window, Benson and Stabler soon find out that 'Gretchen Quinn' has never existed.

While trying to piece together her life, the detectives are led to Gretchen's psychiatrist and a well-known television newscaster, both of whom were sleeping with her, and through an overdue library book finally trace Gretchen back to a young woman who changed her name and identity after graduating high school to get away from her sexually abusive father.

Although they both hate what the man has done in the past, it is soon obvious to the detectives that the teenagers who initially steered them in the man's direction are hiding secrets of their own. ]GUEST STAR: , Stephen Bogardus, Jessica Hecht, Ian Reed Kesler, Austin Lysy, Terry L.

Stabler tries to get the man's business partner to help him, but Benson may be the one who ends up needing help. ]GUEST STAR: , Bruce Kirkpatrick, Allison Mackie, Jack Hallett, Charles Brown, Sandra Shipley, Ben Lin, Bruno Gioiello, Nat de Wolf, Dominic Fumusa, Don Creech, Lorca Simons, Mark Alan Gordon, Joel Rooks, Barbara Mc Culloh, Michael Phelan, Santi Formoso, Adrienne Dreiss, Steve Routman, AUTORE: Roger Garrett DATA DELLA PRIMA MESSA IN ONDA 1999-11-221x9 - Sesso e finanza The death of a local businesswoman throws the team into the world of bondage and sado-masochism where they first investigate the woman's colleagues but are soon on the trail of a host of individuals involved in the world of whips and chains. ]GUEST STAR: , Geoffrey Nauffts, V Craig Heidenreich, Lourdes Benedicto, Maria Tucci, Christopher Mc Cann, Francesca Faridany, P. Brown, Jeannine Comeau, Nina Landley, Gordon Joseph Weiss, Don T.

Maseng, Sean Arbuckle, Monica Steuer, Sarah Zhang, AUTORE: Michael R.

The detectives finally get a lead when they realise one of the victims knows the rapist, but she's not willing to talk. ]GUEST STAR: , Jenny Bacon, Judith Hawking, Jenna Stern, Seana Kofoed, John Driver, Sam Freed, Isiah Whitlock Jr, John Doman, Harvey Atkin, Paul Reggio, Tom Bloom, Gustave Johnson, Francesca Rizzo, Nicholas J.

Giangiulio, Kate Hampton, Michael Ornstein, Margaret Goodman, AUTORE: Michael R.

High levels of drugs in Jazmin's system lead them to take a look at not only the modeling agency with which Jazmin was signed, but also the photographer who was supervising her last shoot and had booted her out because she was 'too heavy'. Martin, Bebe Neuwirth, Catherine Dent, Ritchie Coster, Rica Martens, Gary Klar, Saidah Arrika Ekulona, Elizabeth Van Dyke, Ray Virta, Felix Solis, Rafael Ferrer, Frank Senger, Carl Palmer, Nancy Mc Doniel, Lawrence Woshner, Carolyn Mc Cormick, Peter Marx, Michael Mastro, Laura Poe, Liana Pai, Todd Stashwick, Damian Young, Jerry Orbach, AUTORE: Michael R. Both seem far too interested in what their tenant is doing with his time.

Stabler's disgust with the whole issue is aggravated by his and Kathy's worry that their daughter Maureen, who has been refusing to eat lately, may be anorexic. Perry DATA DELLA PRIMA MESSA IN ONDA 1999-10-041x4 - Isteria When a young woman is found dead, she is initially believed to be a prostitute and the latest in a long line of victims, but when looking into her home life Benson and Stabler realise that she does not fit the pattern, and may not be connected to the other deaths after all, but the other deaths have a connection no one anticipated. After learning the daughter had a sexual relationship with the tenant, things take an even stranger turn.GUEST STAR: , Lynn Collins, Patricia Richardson, John Dossett, Henry Strozier, Lisa Tharps, William Westenberg, Marisa Redanty, Liza Lapira, Anne Hubbard, Kamal Marayati, Michael David Mantell, John Thrall Bush, Bruce Barney, Roxanne Raja, AUTORE: Wendy West DATA DELLA PRIMA MESSA IN ONDA 1999-10-181x6 - Delitto al campus After a female student is murdered at a local college, Benson and Stabler turn their attention to the school's basketball team.However, the college blocks their investigation at every turn because they are not willing to risk the negative publicity that the investigation could bring to the school and the upcoming championship. ]GUEST STAR: , Kohl Sudduth, Al Sharpton, Lothaire Bluteau, Sean Squire, Tom O'Rourke, Novella Nelson, Claire Lautier, George Martin, John Elsen, Bill Mitchell, Julian Gamble, Rose Stockton, Lauren Stamile, Barbara Caruso, Carla Bianchi, Michael Hobbs, Teri Lamm, Christopher Murphy Carley, AUTORE: John Chambers DATA DELLA PRIMA MESSA IN ONDA 1999-10-251x7 - Barbarie When a young boy is found murdered, suspicion leads Benson and Stabler to a recently paroled child molester.GUEST STAR: , Robert Foxworth, Anne Twomey, Richard Thompson, Norbert Leo Butz, Harry Goz, Bo Foxworth, Linda Powell, Jim Weston, Michael James Gannon, Al Thompson, Kelly Deadmon, Patrick Boll, Christopher D.Wells, Matthew Lawler, Iraida Polanco, Kirby Ward, Rich Hebert, Tom Lacy, John Benjamin Hickey, AUTORE: Nick Kendrick DATA DELLA PRIMA MESSA IN ONDA 2000-03-311x18 - Chat Room When a teenage girl comes into the squad room to tell the detectives that she was raped by a man she met on the Internet, the detectives set up a special sting operation but end up stepping on some highly-placed toes as Munch plays the kid to net the big fish.Perry DATA DELLA PRIMA MESSA IN ONDA 2000-02-111x15 - Il Ritardo (1)After a salesman is murdered, the detectives turn their attention to Stephanie Mulroney, the youngest daughter of a well-known family with some deep connections.

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