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11 ball to pick “a European gown.” Lugner won’t comment on whether he’s picking up the tab for that. “We have made arrangements to pull all the liquor from the mini-bar in the hotel room where she’ll stay, and told room service they are not to deliver drinks to her.” To make sure Lohan will be on her best behavior as 2,000 haute Viennese waltz the night away, “we will be drinking only mineral water that night to avoid any problems.” Maybe Lugner should have gone with his other finalist, Lady Gaga. As part of the shillings-but-no-schnapps deal, Lohan will attend a press conference with Lugner the day before the ball.She’ll also sign autographs for a few hours in his massive mall, known as Lugner City.

In 1999, the founder of the glitzy Opera Ball, then-90-year-old Countess Christl Schoenfelt, said Lugner’s tawdry taste in dates had diminished the event’s prestige. Other Lugner critics accuse the billionaire of bringing a “Lewinsky” factor to the ball.

In fact, to the horror of Vienna’s high society, Lugner twice invited American’s most famous White House intern to attend, but Monica declined.

Not even a peck on the cheek is included in the purchase price.

“I invite these famous stars for the clientele who come to my shopping center.

He pays them about $150,000 and, in exchange, they sign autographs at one of his shopping malls and then accompany him to Austria’s premier social event, the Vienna Opera Ball.

The 77-year-old, four-times-divorced father of three gets a kick out of the attention — and sometimes outrage — that his buxom rent-a-dates stir up.

And he’s spent time with her family, including her father, that upstanding citizen, Michael Lohan. Michael Lohan approves of his daughter’s billionaire Russian boyfriend. But then again, this is why Lindsay Lohan’s been living in London all this time, mysteriously able to pay for the 5 diamond hotel lifestyle even though she hasn’t had a real job in forever.

Michael Lohan told Page Six that Egor is a “great influence” on Lindsay and that he’s super connected in Russia and that he’ll be using those connections to help Lindsay’s comeback. That sounds not shady at all, a Russian billionaire with mega powerful contacts in Russia who may or may not try to buy his girlfriend a comeback.

Unfortunately, Ha has not made an appearance on Lohan's Instagram.

Lindsay Lohan is dating 22 year old Russian billionaire Egor Tarabasov.

Isn't it ironic that that German AMWF couple were getting death threats...

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