Living with parents and dating

Did you do ANY work in your past, and did you show any interest that MIGHT be useful to him (I did program stuff not just on university but was interested in it privately, so it was a huge plus) 3.then it comes to "gap holes" in your potential CV 4. Pay note that having a degree in computer science and a two year gap and nothing in #1 or #2 is a huge turn off for any employee. And if you want to start it well in something like computer science, smaller but well-organized company is the way to go to both improve yourself AND learn something.

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So I learned it in my early 20s and was "independent" from home first.

Then I studied and worked (bad thing if you ask me, since it drags studies).

Brooklyn based photographer Pearl Gabel says if living at home is the “only red flag” then it’s a resounding yes. Zero point zero,” while Sandra Demasi says it’s ok if the guy is living with his parents to help them.

“Maybe one is sick, maybe he’s helping them financially, [then] yes. “But if he's living in their basement, playing Xbox in his Superman Underoos, then no.” Los Angeles based author Dibs Baer says her girlfriend does live at home and she’s perfectly fine with it, while Ashley Antar says she wouldn’t have dated a guy who lives at home “unless his parents lived in Buckingham Palace.” Married couple Dave Graz and his wife Laura both lived at home in New York until they got married—and it paid off.

“That's how I had a down payment for our apartment,” Dave says.

Kaitlin, a Brooklyn based millennial, who did not return after college, says it’s hard to find others her same age who haven’t gone back to their parents house.

Then I moved to other place on my own for higher salary and then kept pushing.

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