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The most memorable time of his childhood was when his family was in Hawaii, a time he would later recreate with daughter Rachel during the last few weeks of his life.

While still in High School Mark met and soon after developed a romantic relationship with Jennifer (Jen).

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She begins an affair with a coworker, and the marriage soon ends, with Rachel and Jen leaving Chicago first for Milwaukee, and later for St. In "Love's Labor Lost", Mark made miscalculations in treating a pregnant woman that led to her death in childbirth, and the after-effects of this case lingered long into Season 2.[3] Mark's career becomes more difficult as he begins needing to make decisions that periodically alienate his friends, such as selecting Dr.

Kerry Weaver over another applicant, which angered Susan Lewis first because the other applicant was a good friend of hers, and later because she bristled under Kerry's demanding, sometimes harsh leadership style. Ross becomes strained as his administrative tasks often put him at odds with Doug's wild ways and he was disgusted by Doug's personal problems to the point where he briefly overruled and belittled Doug's abilities as a physician, then reconciled with his friend.

He would struggle through a large part of Season 4, but came to terms with it in Season 5 when he helped Nigerian-born janitor Mobilage Ekabo reveal his memories of torture by talking about the attack with him, allowing him to obtain political asylum and avoid deportation.

With the passing of Doug's father comes the re-entrance of Mark's parents.

David Greene served in the United States Navy, and thus the family moved frequently.

Mark had a very strained relationship with his father, and was decidedly closer to his mother.

His love life took a more drastic downward spin when his feelings for Dr.

Lewis became so noticed that he's driven to ask her out, only to have her leave for Phoenix, Arizona.

Presumably their relationship kept all the way through college, (Mark admitted he kept faithful and never had sex with another in all the times he was with her.

This does not necessarily mean she wasn't.) and as he entered medical school sometime before or during married Jen, and his daughter, Rachel was born shortly afterwards.

Mark also finds out that his mother viewed his birth as a mistake, as she didn't know his father well and had to get married quickly when she got pregnant.

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