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Gender wise it's bipolar - rather than being a unisex blend that sits in the middle, it has properties of an ultra male old-money utilitarian harshness and a floral femininity (and slight powderiness). Also, the reviews for it were, overall, positive and the price was so good. My expectations for Grey Flannel were clearly way too high!These kind of combine to give it a well-to-do, peacock type thing. Smells clean, fairly formal and old school - what you'd expect from the packaging. It smells pleasant enough but certainly doesn't blow me away or stand out in any way that I can discern.Bring back blue sugar or Escada magnetism those I hear were bomb af. Understand it though use this beast sparingly two sprays are enough.

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On my skin it smells quite sweet after it settles, I can definitely smell the violet a lot (but it smells synthetic), I can't smell the freshness of the lemon and it definitely doesn't smell soapy and 'just out of the shower' as it seems to do to some reviewers.

On my skin it's more sweet and a bit musty as opposed to bright, fresh and clean! I was so hoping it would be more fresh, clean, aroma-therapeutic and cologne smelling! It smells OK, likeable enough and certainly not offensive and/or dated but for me it falls far short of my hopes for it.

I've only tried mine once and if anyone is interested in a swap let me know! اوکی، این عطر مال بیشتر از سی سال پیشه و طبیعیه که بوش براتون آشنا بیاد.

یه صابون داو هم دقیقاً با همین بو داریم، ولی خب این دلیل نمیشه که بوش بد باشه یا تکراری و خسته کنند باشه ، بر عکس بوش به نظر من بویی ماندگار،شاداب و بدون تاریخ مصرفه.Real beauties avid for cock, moody to share and provide the best nudity scenes in smashing moments of extra spicy porn.Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene is a Oriental Woody fragrance for men. This was one of my signature scents in the eighties, just bought a bottle for the good memories. It got lost in all the releases and trends these days, and I understand why, but it's nevertheless a real good, sophisticated and warm scent.also there is a Dove soap with this smell, but don't let that fool u.this is not a boring dated smell,in fact it's an incredibly fresh,eternal versatile scent.Lasts for hour's on your clothes so don't drown yourself in it.. This is the shortest way i would describe the smell.

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