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If we are not fully convinced that an activity is honoring to God, it is a sin. Masturbation is a questionable activity, at best—whether it can glorify God; whether it can be done in absolute confidence that it is right; and whether it can honor God as the owner of our bodies.

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Some interpret this passage to say that “spilling your seed” is a sin. God condemned Onan not for “spilling his seed” but because Onan was rebellious.

Onan refused to fulfill his duty to provide an heir for his deceased brother.

I have yet to hear anyone define the loss of virginity as a woman getting excited, looking at or touching her own anatomy or talking about sex with others.

I also have not generally heard anyone say that someone who masturbates is not a virgin, even in very traditional cultures or communities.

" Answer: The Bible does not mention masturbation or state whether or not masturbation is a sin.

The passage most frequently associated with masturbation is the story of Onan in Genesis 38:9–10.

Masturbation is nearly always the result of lustful thoughts, inappropriate sexual stimulation, and/or pornography. If the sins of lust, immoral thoughts, and pornography are forsaken and overcome, masturbation will become much less of an issue and temptation.

Many people struggle with guilt concerning masturbation, when, in reality, they would be far better off repenting of the sins that lead them to masturbate. While the Bible does not directly answer this question, there definitely are some biblical principles that can be applied to the issue: (1) “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians ). Masturbation is almost always a sign of a lack of self-control.

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