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It totally depends on what you are looking for and is worth shopping around for the best offer.

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But make sure to check here for the latest prices: TFL Prices.

Tube: Less scary and confusing then you think, after all if you get on the wrong train you just get off at the next stop and start again. more expensive if you cross over zones) and if you are under 26 you can get discounts by using a Young Persons Rail Card.

Some of the girls are blindfolded, some are tied up to the massage bed, whatever it takes to make the experience more intense and to satisfy their deepest sexual fantasies.

They enjoy surrendering and letting go, massaged, touched and fondled until their bodies can take no more and they cum, over and over, in sweet, sensual torment that you can watch, enjoy and bust a nut to!

Not kidding on this one, no other taxis are allowed to pick people up off the street.

There are even massive advertising campaigns about how dangerous it is to get into an unlicenced cab (the gist of which is all the unlicenced cab journeys seem to end in rape, theft or murder).

Just be careful, because traffic in London is scary and you will most likely be riding without a helmet (which apparently is totally fine here).

Taxi: In London the only cabs that can pick you up on the street without a prior booking is a Black Cab.

If you have any to add (or think I am way off the mark! After that I highly recommend a short term let (where someone has gone on holiday etc and you stay in their room), it means you have some stability but are not locked in before you know where you are working.

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