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Since its founding in 1996, it has invested 3-million in over 113 publications across 39 countries.It has a long history with the M&G, dating back to a loan that it extended to the company in 2003.Monday-Friday, 8AM-7PM Saturday, 11AM-7PM Bowen Collection of Antiquities Explore ancient cultures through M&G’s antiquities collection!

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Karjieker, who will continue as CEO, said: “The new ownership will steady the company and provide much-needed financial stability.

It will provide a strong and stable platform from which we can refocus on building our business, while safeguarding M&G’s unique blend of quality investigative journalism and balanced political coverage.

As part of the same deal, current chief executive officer Hoosain Karjieker becomes a minority shareholder.

Trevor Ncube, the former publisher, has left the company, it said.

Open only by appointment or tour request The Benjamin West Collection The seven paintings that hang in the War Memorial Chapel constitute the largest assemblage today of works by Benjamin West, the father of American painting.

Investors will seek more information about Prudential’s merger of its British business with M&G, its fund manager, when it gives a strategy update on Thursday.This now presents us with a real opportunity to alleviate our financial difficulties,” said Khadija Patel, editor-in-chief of the M&G.In a separate development, Ncube now assumes 100% of Alpha Media Holdings, the Zimbabwean media house which owns the Zimbabwe Independent and News Day Zimbabwe.“I would like to underline the fact that MDIF is a not-for-profit company with a mission to support quality independent news media.Interfering in editorial is against its core principles.” “As a small independent publisher, the M&G feels the turmoil of the global media industry acutely.The Mossi Ghisolfi Group is a leading name in the application of innovation to the sectors of PET, engineering and renewable chemical products derived from non-food biomass.

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