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My freakin' pants were still wrapped around my ankles!!

So now there's jiz everywhere, all over me, the pillow, the rug!! I was so drunk all I wanted to do was remove myself from the situation.

I pretend I don't know what she's talking about if she brings something like that up.

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The top of the bleach bottle surprisingly had a cock ring effect and I was stuck.

I figured that after a while I would lose my erection and the bleach bottle would fall off, but much to my dismay I found that I didn't fully clean the bleach from the bottle because my cock started burning bad! My mother came home to find her son hugging a pillow.

By the time I got to the bathroom the carrot was in the garbage.

I'm sure my mom knew what I had done with the carrot.

She said she'd always thought I was a tosser anyway!! She's yelling, "Mikey, get down here, your son's on drugs," blah, blah, blah.

I began to wake up and I realized I was pretty much laying on the floor naked, Playboy still going, and that I was still wasted, of course. By the time I raised my head, they were staring at me from the staircase.

My sister also knows the story, but was too young to appreciate it.

She brings it up from time to time just to make sure I don't forget what I loser I am. Mom mops up One time I masturbated after coming back from a night out. The next morning my mom entered the room and asked me what that was on the floor.

As I got up (slowly and in a daze) I realized what I loser I was.

Now to make matters worse, I went to take a step toward the stairs to go up to bed and flipped through the air onto my face/chest/etc.

Open please." And I was just about to burst, so I struggled out an "Okay" and I came all over my stomach. Just as I was hitting it hard, ready for it to cum, my mother walked by and just stared. After about 30 seconds into this staring contest my cum burst out onto her shoe.

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