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The interpreter requires at least 2K bytes of RAM starting at address #1000 (page 1), of which the interpreter uses nearly 300 bytes for variables, stacks etc., leaving. NIBL uses only 26 integer variables (a severe limitation).

The varables are stored as 2 byte two's complements starting at address #101C.

The Complete documentation and even the annotated source code may be found in the Nov./Dec issue of Dr. It is interesting to read some excerpts since they give us a good impression of the state of afairs in the early microprocessor years, when all the things we are now used to were very new: Mark Alexander, National Semiconductor Corp. 29, 1976 NIBL (National Industrial Basic Language) is a machine oriented programming language for the SC/MP. The current version of NIBL is an almost complete re-write of the original interpreter, whith changes and additions being made to improve the modularity of the program, to greatly increase execution speed, and to extend the capabilities of the languagee itself.

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The shop owner who knew me was so kind as to let me try the machine, and I will never forget how glorious it was to enter and excecute a real BASIC program.

How distant these recollections seem in a area where computers are so common.

The next few years were spend building a system that would run the NIBL interpreter.

It became so to speak the end goal of all my hobby efforts.

Now a single chip can fill the complete 64k byte memory space.

So here it is: A tiny SC/MP system complete with NIBL just for old-time sake.If you hapen to have an old SC/MP processor lying around, why not relive your early steps in microcomputing?NIBL is a Tiny-Basic interpreter for the SC/MP microprocessor. In the paper, the author Mark Alexander gives us some interesting information on the origin of the NIBL interpreter. Dobb's Journal of Computer Calisthenics and Orthodontia, and readers should refer to that issue for a more detailed description of the interpretation process.......... NIBL came into this world as an interpreter for Tiny BASIC, as originally describel in the first issue of Dr. That Program was written by Steve Leininger, who subsequently left before the program was ever assembled or executed.Many of these features, such as a genuinely useful control structure (the PASCAL-influenced DO/UNTIL) and the indirect operator ("@") have been added to the language to allow NIBL to be nearly as flexible as machine language in such applications as medium speed process control. The original NIBL program was available in a ROM with type number INS8295.By using NIBL, one trades the high execution speed and low memory consumption of machine language for some very tangible advantages: Program readebility, modifiability, and reliability, which are truly difficult to achieve in machine language programs. The INS8295 is a programmed version of the INS8332.A machine like the PET or the TRS80 (from Radio Shack) were for beyond the financial means of my parents.

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