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He marries her mother, yearning for greater proximity to his “nymphet,” whom he calls Lolita.

The mother dies (a tad conveniently for my writerly taste, but that’s a small point), he gains control of Lolita, and travels the country with her, staying in 1950s motor courts and motels, visiting such tourist sites as might appeal to a tween, and raping her repeatedly.

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To, že se dívám na anime neznamená, že jsem malé děcko!

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(HH, of course, does not call it rape, but I’m not in the mood to let him get by with euphemisms.) He ends up on trial for murder, which the reader knows from the beginning of the book, so I’m not spoiling it for anyone. (Another writerly note: I admired the device of letting the reader know that HH was on trial for murder, but not revealing who he’d killed until near the end of the book, neatly subverting the usual whodunit structure.) What struck me about this book, and prompted me to connect reading with courage, is the empathy I felt for Humbert Humbert. When you read, especially if you’re reading a work that has stood the test of time, or some of the modern masters—Roth, Updike, Atwood, Franzen, Gordimer, Oliver, to name but a handful—you run the risk of having your worldview altered.

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