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The State Ministry of Finance and Planning (SEFIPLAN) issued a press release in which it confirmed that “they will purge the list of pensioners who are receiving other benefits,” since in 2005 in the Official Stat Gazette the guidelines are very clear: the pensions are only for retirees who are not receiving another pension from the State, from IMSS, from ISSSTE or from some other private institution.The PANista state legislator Hugo Fernández has already called on the local congress to “free up” this part of the state budget dedicated to buy medicine and food for those he referred to as “grandparents.” In the State Pension Institute (IPE) it’s usual that thousands of pensioners invade the installations or go to cash machines that have agreements with the state government throughout its municipalities, trying to prove if there are funds to back their checks.The violence worsened between July 25 and August 1 of this year, a period of more than 30 executions from north to south: five behind the Tamsa industrial area, four in the municipality of Emiliano Zapata – surrounding the state capital –, three shot to death in a taxi in Yanga, seven on the state highway of Isla-Playa Vicente (in two different events), two in Puente Nacional, two more in Xalapa and seven in several other municipalities.

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However, in the request for information number 00299515, obtained from the Infomex-Veracruz database platform, the Ministry of Public Safety catalogues as “confidential” and “restricted” the reasons for the dismissals of these officers.

In an interview Bermúdez said that the officers and commanders left the force because they were “fatties,” “diabetic” and “had tatoos”, the excuse given was the evaluation, control and confidentiality exams were very “rigorous.” However, in information request number 00160415 presented by this reporter, the Ministry of Public Safety did not answer how many officers from the organization were arrested by the Mexican Marines, the Organized Crime Office of the Federal Attorney General (SEIDO) or the Ministry of National Defense for alleged ties to organized crime or drugs charges.

The purge even reached inside the State Attorney General’s office where there were 370 dismissals, among them investigative police officers, commanders in the Veracruz Investigation Agency, forensic services, public prosecutors’ officers and deputy-general prosecutors, between March 2013 and March 2015, according to document FGE/UAI/210/2015 consulted by this reporter.

According to this document, 80 were removed for “irregularities” in the discharge of their functions; five were fired for submitting false documents; two more for failing to comply with a legal duty; and, seventeen for testing positive in an antidoping exam.

Corpses from North to South In the previous administration of Fidel Herrera (2004 – 2010), Arturo Bermúdez Zurita was the director of the State Center for Control, Command, Communications and Computing (C4).

Now he is the head of the Ministry of Public Safety.

Last Wednesday, August 5, in correspondence with the state Congress Duarte asked lawmakers to “alienate” real estate belonging to the municipalities of La Antigua, Xalapa, Boca del Río, Coatzacoalcos and Córdoba with the aim of paying off “liabilities” to several contractors who are going to accept the land in exchange for settling the amount that the government owes them.

In issue number 2019, reported that Rafael Fentanes Hernández, president of the National Chamber for the Construction Industry (CMIC), which is affiliated with 97 municipalities, complains that half of his members are in dispute with the state over total payments of 220 million pesos (US million) for work that has been concluded, delivered and opened.

“It is a shared responsibility,” Yunes says, because from the very start Duarte has kept Arturo Bermúdez Zurita at the head of the Ministry of Public Safety, even though he has been criticized on many occasions.

The collective, Peace for Xalapa, and relatives from Coatzacoalcos affected by the violence criticize him because, they say, he has taken a permissive approach to “forced disappearances” of young people and of the municipal police officers of the town of Úrsulo Galván.

No Funds for Retirees Javier Duarte’s administration is going through a severe economic crisis (, Numbers 20).

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