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Kitchener's Survey of Cyprus (1882) represents the first full triangulated survey of the island of Cyprus, and it was the most accurate map of the island when published.

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Bartholomew deliberately selected only certain details from the Ordnance Survey maps, and also added their own.

They added categories of roads, including drove roads, steamer routes, and rights of way that were often not shown on Ordnance Survey maps.

In order to ensure complete and accurate coverage, the 1841 Survey Act had already given surveyors the right to ‘enter into and upon any land’ in the course of their duties.

The Ordnance Survey Historic Maps captures Britain at the height of its imperial prosperity.

The use of different projections and printing technologies, particularly in the 20th century, allow many other themes, including imperialism, trade, travel, and peace, to be illustrated. They provide good detail of all buildings, streets, railways, industrial premises, parkland, farms, woodland, and rivers.

Many of these world maps are from larger atlases by C. This set of Ministry of Transport Road Maps, issued by the Ordnance Survey in 1923 at the half-inch to the mile scale (6,720), are the first to accurately show the initial numbered roads in Scotland.

Towns and villages are identified as being Christian or Muslim, and are given both their Greek and Turkish names.

The set consists of a title sheet and 15 map sheets at a scale of one inch to the mile, and are supplemented with a single-sheet index map at a scale of five miles to the inch.

Class I roads in red show important routes connecting large population centres, whilst less important Class II roads are shown in green.

The maps were the result of close liaison between the Ministry of Transport and Ordnance Survey, and are the most important cartographic resource documenting the early days of road numbering in Scotland.

You can zoom in on any location, click on your point of interest, and the county, parish, or unitary authority that covers the point you have clicked on is shown. We have been pleased to collaborate with the British Library in a recent project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, to scan, georeference and make available Ordnance Survey mapping for Devon.

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