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Historical Background: Toss toys date back to ancient Greece.

The Cup and Ball Toss Toy was played with in Colonial America and is mentioned in an 1834 publication for girls.

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This simple toy is one of the most popular in our Classic Toys & Puzzles collection.

Wooden Building Blocks: Our exclusive Block Sets create hours of fun.

Wagon of Blocks: Sturdy wagon holds and stores 48 blocks in 11 different shapes. Wagon measures: 18-1/2" long x 12" wide x 4-1/2" high.

These are the chalk / slate boards that the children used in school during the 18th (1700s), 19th (1800s) and into the early 20th (1900s) centuries. They used them to practice their Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

It is similar to, but much easier than the Bilboquet, which has the ball landing on a pointed stick instead of inside a cup. Play with others and see who can score the majority of points by catching the ball the most.

Do not let this toy fool you; it takes good hand dexterity to score.

The object of the cup & ball game is to swing the wooden ball into the cup, which is not at all as simple as it appears to be.

These toys were quite popular in Europe with adults and children alike throughout the time of the settlement of the New World colonies and would have been favorites on the North American continent as well, where they continue to be greatly enjoyed to this day.

Cloth Ball: These tough balls are made from canvas.

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