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Surfing, sea kayaking and bushwalking are popular and the coastline is spectacular.A short drive south of Port Arthur is Remarkable Cave, so called because its opening is said to resemble a map of Tasmania.

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The site has more than 30 buildings, ruins and restored period homes, dating from the prison's establishment in 1830 until its closure in 1877.

During this time, more than 12,500 convicts served sentences and for many it was a living hell.

Ejercito, earlier said that the backlog is currently at 1.2 million.

“With that kind of backlog, why are we not providing enough resources to our housing sector? He proposed to use the “excess fats” in the proposed P3.77 trillion 2018 national budget to address the current housing backlog.

Surfing, sea kayaking and bushwalking are popular and the coastline has fascinating geological features and stunning views.

Visitors will find many striking rock formations including Tasman Arch and The Blowhole, two of Tasmania's most visited attractions, as well as Waterfall Bay, Remarkable Cave and Tessellated Pavement.

Kampitan said the NHA will rebid the contract to ensure that the project implementation would adhere to standards and be expedited thoroughly.

“We are trying to locate some properties already that are available (under the contract of JC Tayag),” Kampitan said.

This bureaucratic process is the reason why NHA’s funds cannot be disbursed within one year,” Ejercito said.

Port Arthur is a quaint village, famous for the extensive, well-preserved penal colony buildings at the nearby Port Arthur Historic Site, Australia's most evocative convict site.

Drilon made this remark during the interpellation of the budget of the housing sector emphasizing the huge budget cut is the “wrong policy thrust” since it is crucial in addressing “the poorest sector of our society.” Senator Joseph Victor Ejercito, Chair of the Senate Committee on Urban Planning, Housing, and Resettlement, cited the agency’s alleged low absorptive capacity as a reason for the decrease as proposed by the Department of Budget and Management in the 2018 national budget.

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