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Regardless it's a very sad state of affairs,and i am deeply sadned by this recent turn of events.

VJ You are either a liar, mistaken, or brain fried. "Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States. While not everyone who uses marijuana becomes addicted, when a user begins to seek out and take the drug compulsively, that person is said to be dependent on the drug or addicted to it.

Pomogite stat otcom online dating

Get it-all the meth freaks steal all of the earth's pot, and, being the ignorant braindead troopers that the methheads are, they all get BUSTED! LMAOYou must be one of the pot growing low life that moved here just to get rich by poisoning kids with illegal drugs. You just don't want anything to stop you from poisoning kids for a buck.

It must be easy to lol with all that childrens lunch money in your pockets. I was talking with someone about this just the other day.

Addiction to marijuana has the same features as addiction to other substances: after a period of regular controlled use, users gradually develop an inability to consistently use within the limits that they have set for themselves.

Use wont just result in fun or getting high; it will lead to problems with job performance, school performance, interpersonal relationships, or even health. After an initial period of stable substance use, the user will begin to lose control.

Probably because they have become enslaved to a weed. (1) today's pot doesn't come from Mexico(2) today's pot isn't grown with male plants.

Male plants fertilize the females which cause lower bud and thc production along with seeds.(3) today's pot is given fertilizer and grown in optimal conditions.

That study also found that, for troubled teenagers using tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana, progression from their first use of marijuana to regular use was about as rapid as their progression to regular tobacco use, and more rapid than the progression to regular use of alcohol."

"But just because addiction doesnt occur in all users, or even most users, doesnt mean that addiction doesnt happen to any user.

Despite the pleas of friends or family to examine or change the behavior, substance use continues, causing distress to others before the addict experiences the distress himself.

Eventually, the person may seek help, or at least agree to a professional assessment at the behest of family, friends, school, or employer.

Others will comment that there is a change in the userand the user will at first deny or rebut such concerns.

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